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The not so stealthy F-35

Britain, along with other countries are voicing their concerns about the cost of the F-35. It is known that the stealth jet fighter is expensive, especially because of the technology used to make the aircraft stealthy. The problem is that some are claiming the aircraft is not so stealthy after all… The so-called stealth jet costing the MoD billions of pounds can, in fact, be seen by the radar of potential enemies, it has been revealed. The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter has been designed at huge expense to fly unnoticed through enemy airspace and attack targets without being detected. Taxpayers have already spent £1.3 billion developing the jet, while the MoD plans to buy 48 of them at a cost of up to £100 million each. But now, defence experts have revealed that the aircraft can be spotted by Russian and Chinese radar systems. Elizabeth Quintana, from the Royal United Services Institute, confirmed the stealth capability has been compromised and that the UK’s foes are poised to take advantage. She said: ‘There has been an evolution of radar technology and yes, we should be worried. The Russian air defence system might be able to spot the F-35 while the technology fitted to Chinese destroyers is concerning because you will have greater resolution and you will be able to tell with greater certainty what the plane is. ‘The key question is whether the F-35 would be able to engage first, before being spotted. How the aircraft is operated in combat will come into play. ‘The Russians are making a big push in anti-aircraft technology while the combination of technologies being used by the Chinese is interesting.’ Mrs Quintana agreed that the F-35’s stealth capability had been one of its main assets. Asked how much of a blow the stealth problems are, she added: ‘It depends what you think you’re going to come up against. You take your chances. ‘The Army will argue that there is no point spending all this money and that we should be spending more on body armour and tanks.’

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