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The importance of the Douglas Skystreak

The need to constantly improve aviation technology is at the origin of experimental research necessary to validate new concepts and new solutions. A considerable amount of experimental studies were conducted after the Second World War, mainly because of the advent of jet propulsion. Britain, France, the USSR and the United States, these studies were conducted with serious through many programs. United States in particular aeronautics research conducted intensively gave the Americans a comfortable lead in almost all areas of aviation. From the mid-1940s, many experimental aircraft were built in the United States in some programs “X” described elsewhere in our website. In the immediate post-war period, another type experimental importantly, the Douglas D-558-1 Skystreak, was developed in 1945 in response to a request from the U.S. Navy and NACA (later NASA) in favor of an experimental aircraft for high performance research at different speeds and at altitudes simulated wind tunnel.

skystreak experimental aircraft

Three Douglas D-558 were built. If these three were allowed to conduct useful research, the level of performance type was particularly noteworthy. In August 1947, the first beat Skystreak twice the official record of pure speed record finally raising nearly 1048 km / h. Overall, the program gave Skystreak interesting data on high-speed flight. The Republic XF-91 was almost contemporary Thunderceptor Skystreak. This jet interceptor with special auxiliary rocket and wings extended ends was designed as a supersonic fighter-produced. The first of two XP-91 flew in May 1949 under the pressure of a reactor ° General Electric J 47, but the aircraft was not mass-produced. Both aircraft built served in research. Later, the Grumman X-29 program experimented with reverse swept wing and composite materials. The aircraft flew successfully in the 1980s anticipated the Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut swept-wing direction.

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