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The B1-B is the backbone if the US Military

Is the B-1 Lancer still the best aircraft to be used as the backbone of the military? The aircraft is supposed to start retiring by 2020, which is just around the corner, but the bomber has been in service not a long time since it’s introduction in 1986. And to answer the question, the aircraft underwent testing early September. The solo B-1, alongside other bomber and fighter aircraft, participated in a maritime tactics development and evaluation, or TD&E, with the goal of improving and better understanding the aircraft’s capabilities. The B-1’s role in the tactics development and evaluation was to detect, target and engage small boats using currently fielded and available weapons, released in all weather conditions. B-1s are also prime aircraft, capable of protecting important assets at sea and patrolling allied shipping lanes, because of its speed and ability to stay in the air longer than most aircraft. With more experience in varying environments, B-1s are becoming increasingly capable of serving in joint operations settings with the Air Force’s sister branches. The Rockwell B-1 Lancer is a four-engine supersonic variable-sweep wing strategic bomber used by the United States Air Force. The bomber’s development was delayed multiple times over its history, as the theory of strategic balance changed from flexible response to massive retaliation and back again. Each change in stance changed the perceived need for manned bombers. The B-1B entered service in 1986 with the USAF Strategic Air Command as a nuclear bomber. In the 1990s, the B-1B was converted to conventional bombing use. It first served in combat during Operation Desert Fox in 1998 and again during the NATO action in Kosovo the following year. The B-1B has supported U.S. and NATO military forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Lancer is the supersonic component of the USAF’s long-range bomber force, along with the subsonic B-52 and Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit. After all the testing done earlier in the month, the B-1B remains one of the greatest assets and is very likely to be prolonged after 2020 since budgets are tight and the aircraft is demonstrating such proficiency.

b1-b lancer

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