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Taiwan wants the F-35

Taiwan wants the F-35. And that’s another very good news for US Defense contractors as the F-35 is pursuing a nice selling career. The call comes at a time when last September, the USA said it would not allow the sale of the F-35 to Taiwan. It seems the island wants the US Congress to change its mind. After many meetings, including with US Representatives, the lawmakers said Taiwan needs more advanced fighter jets and submarines to enhance its defense, and also needs to gain more international space. Lin said Taiwan will continue to push for the purchase of F-35 fighters from the U.S. but should also consider buying a reasonable number of F-16C/D jets to replace Taiwan’s aging F-5s, which are expected to be phased out in the next few years. When the United States agreed to upgrade Taiwan’s current fleet of F-16A/B fighter jets in September 2011, it effectively ruled out the sale of the next-generation F-35s, according to Lin. It would be ideal if Taiwan could purchase the new fighters, which are capable of vertical and short take-off and landing, Lin said. But even if the U.S. approves the sale, the global waiting list is so long that it would take 15-20 years for Taiwan’s order to be delivered. The controversy is held only by the status of Taiwan. As a reminder. The controversy regarding the political status of Taiwan (or the “Taiwan Issue” as referred to by the Communist Party of China) hinges on whether Taiwan,Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu should remain effectively independent as territory of the Republic of China (ROC), become unified with the territories now governed by the People’s Republic of China (PRC), or formally declare independence and become the Republic of Taiwan; as well as whether its existence and status as astate (“country”) is legitimate and recognized by the international community. Currently, Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, and some other minor islands effectively make up the jurisdiction of the state with the official name of Republic of China but widely known as “Taiwan”. The ROC, which took control of Taiwan (including Penghu and other nearby islands) in 1945, ruled mainland China and claimed sovereignty over Outer Mongolia (nowMongolia) and Tannu Uriankhai (part of which is present day Tuva, Russia) before losing the Chinese Civil War and relocating its government to Taipei, Taiwan in December 1949.

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