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Sweden needs 60 jet fighters

Sweden is getting ready to finally acknowledge that its air force is not up to speed with what it should be. Effectively, Sweden needs 60 jet fighters, Jas Gripen, to be comfortable and meet the various air force scenarios of dealing with threats. Sweden is strategically located near Russia, very close to the oil fields of the Northern Sea, and with access to the Northern routes to the Pole. Therefore, at a time when Russia is militarizing like crazy, and the rush to the North is expected, Sweden better have all the tools to shoulder its way to the big game. Sweden needs at least 60 Gripen combat aircraft in the future, the Swedish Armed Forces Supreme Commander Sverker Göransson, told a parliamentary hearing today.

“Sweden needs 60-80 fighter aircraft to meet the technical and operational threat scenario, “says Armed Forces Supreme Commander Sverker Goranson. The government has asked for a parliamentary mandate to buy 40-60 planes. The armed forces could not provide details of what initiatives are needed and what they would cost if the number of Super-Jas, the so-called E-model of the JAS 39 Gripen, was to reach 60. The first Super-Jas plane made by Saab aerospace is expected to be operational from 2023 and will be used until 2042. Defence Ministry State Secretary Carl von der Esch said that the total annual cost for the system is estimated at SEK3 billion starting from next year, ie a total of SEK 90 billion. Parliament will decide in December whether to allow the Government to order between 40-60 planes. The difficulty of the order is timing as Europe falls deeper into recession. Some may not view spending billions of dollars in jet fighters as a primary concern. Therefore the Government will be required to explain and educate so it can gather momentum on this issue.

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