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Jet fighter rides in the south of France in October

Want to feel like a Top Gun fighter pilot ? That’s your chance as the specialist travel agent organises for the full month of October leisure flights on a jet fighter. This will be done from Aix en Provence, in the South of France, which also helps with the weather, and makes it a great opportunity to also enjoy the food and wine of the area. Fly the Fouga Magister fighter jet in South of France. This is the perfect opportunity to fly a jet fighter from Aix en Provence and be a fighter pilot for a day. The Fouga Magister is very agile allowing great sensations, very secure with its twin engines and offering spectacular vistas thanks to its wide glass cockpit. Pilots are top pilots who love to share their passion for aviation. This is a fantastic opportunity to feel what it’s like to be a fighter pilot! Pilots are top pilots. Some are still active in the air force, others have recently retired. We also have famous pilots who have flown in the Patrouille de France, and logged more than 28,000 flying hours. All our pilots are highly skilled and experienced. They not only fly the fighter jet, they share their experience with you so that you can fully appreciate what is it like to be a fighter pilot. The Fouga Magister is one of the best designed fighter planes ever. Easy to fly, it brings security with its twin engines, and offers a great view thanks to its wide cockpit glass. Built in the 1950s, the Fouga Magister was conceived as a jet trainer. The plane was worked so well that it was quickly adopted by various air forces around the world, such as the Israeli air Force who used the plane extensively during the six days war in 1967. The Fouga Magister is one of the most agile fighter planes ever built. So much that it has been the favourite plane of the French national display team, The Patrouille de France, from 1964 to 1980, when it was replaced by Alphajets. You can find more information about this opportunity by following the link:

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