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Is the L39 albatros the most popular jet fighter ?

It seems that the most widely used jet fighter for rides is the L39 Albatros. We are quite amazed that everywhere we go, there is always an L39 ready to take you off. Most L39 Albatros are found in the US, which can be stranged considering the jet is from the Czech Republic. So why is it so popular ? First of all because it is widespread. It has been sold in more than 30 countries and there were 2800 built in total. Then because it is cheap. A L39 Albatros in mint condition can be bought at 350 or 400 thousands USD. Good ones are found at 300,000 USD. Spare parts are not too expensive too. Then to fly, the L39 Albatros is quite docile, this is an easy plane to ride, so it is also easy to get good sensations although the L39 was not design for aerobatics.

l 39 albatros

There are also other popular jets that you can ride such as the Fouga Magister. You can ride it in the US, France – the native country – but also Belgium and Finland. The Jet Provost and Strikemaster are also planes one can easily ride. You can do that in the UK and Australia as well as Germany. Many L39 Albatros may soon come to the private market as the Czech Republic and Poland retired all their L39 in 2010. In the meantime, if you want to experience the thrills of a fighter pilot, hop aboard one you can find near you to feel the adrenaline rush. Check out this video of what they do in France (more info at fly a jet fighter)

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