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Flying high

Flying high

Headquartered in Mexico City, with its main hub at Mexico City International Airport, Interjet has earned itself a niche in the realm of low-cost airline services. Founded in 2005, Interjet has proven itself to be a very worthy contender in the industry, operating flights not only throughout South America but also to North America, the Caribbean and Central America. It also operates domestic flights within the state borders of Mexico. If you happen to posses Interjet reservations then you can put every kind of tension out of the window, literally! The policy of Interjet has always prioritized customer comfort. In order to appreciate the condition of competition under which Interjet has risen to such glory, it would not be out of place to mention a contender up from the north. With its headquarters and main hub at Chicago-O’ Hare International Airport, the name of United Airlines evokes respect and awe. One of the oldest airlines in the United States, United Airlines has always commanded the authority when it comes to both domestic and international flights. Having United Airlines flight reservations is a matter of pride for anybody. Although operating a plethora of flights to major destination around the world, United Airlines’ presence in the America has found a welcome challenge from Interjet. So what to select? The answer is fairly simple, what you prefer and the kind of in-flight experience you tend to imagine! It all depends on what you want and what you choose for yourself, and both airline services have a ton of services and amenities that will attract passengers to choose any one. Therefore, we discuss, at some length, about the particular feature of each airline one at a time in order for you to make your choice easier. Looking at Interjet reservations, we can certainly ensure a comfortable flight for you and your loved ones. Interjet has music as an in-flight entertainment, delicious snacks and meal services, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, an on-board screen that displays the take-off and landing process, women designated bathrooms, a good deal of space (about 34 inches) between you and the passenger sitting in front of you. It also allows a 15% discount for senior citizens who are 60 years old and older. Interjet also provides adequate provision for passengers with disabilities, such allowing non-motorized wheelchairs to be freely transported and allowing FAA approved respiratory devices. On the other hand, United Airlines flight bookings offer a number of features that are definitely attractive. Its in-flight entertainment is called United Private Screening, with personalized device entertainment and even main screen entertainment. It has in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity, with provisions for special meals; United offers a wide variety of dining options to its passengers. A wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available for passengers. United also allows for seating arrangements to be selected by the traveler when purchasing a ticket and it enables an upgrade to seating arrangement if the passenger desires so. All in all, the united experience is holistic and welcoming in nature!

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