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Fly the Mirage in the Swiss Alps

Fly the Mirage in the Swiss Alps

You can fly the Mirage III in the Swiss Alps, but there are a few days left. This incredible adventure is available to anyone in good health. Flying the Mirage is flying a powerful jet fighter, one of the best that led to the developments of the Mirage F1, one of the best fighters in the world, in active duty in the French air force and other armies in the world. There are just a few days left to fly in the Mirage:

From August 30 to Sept 3 in Payerne
From Oct 13 to Oct 15 in Sion

This is the only Mirage in the world certified for civil flights. More than 4,200 working hours have been spent on renovating this incredible fighter plane. Each flight requires 8 hours of preparation. The Mirage III is a tremendously powerful fighter jet, capable of reaching the speed of Mach 2,15 and has very gracious lines.

The Mirage III family grew out of French government studies begun in 1952 that led in early 1953 to a specification for a lightweight, all-weather interceptor capable of climbing to 18,000 m (59,040 ft) in six minutes and able to reach Mach 1.3 in level flight. This led to the development of prototypes with delta wings, which became the trademark of the Mirage. However a plane without tail does not fly as easily as traditional jet fighters. The lack of horizontal stabilizers meant no flaps could be used. The jet fighter also required long runways for take offs at high speed. The delta wing configuration also meant the jet plane limits its maneuverability and was unstable at low altitude. However, the delta wing design remained simple and meant the plane was fast, robust with tons of room for fuel.

The first flight of the Mirage III was on November 1956 and the fighter jet attained the speed of 1.52 Mach. With the full of its engine, the Mirage III was capable of reaching 2.2 Mach. The jet fighter was also capable of reaching 60,000ft in less than 9 seconds, which was quite good at the time. Overall 1400 Mirage III were built, many exported to Israel, Switzerland, Australia, and many countries in South America and the Middle East.

You can book your fighter jet ride in the Mirage III at a price of 16,000 euros for a 40mn flight. This is an experience you will never forget.

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