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Fly a fighter jet in France

Specialist company Tematis is organizing a very special tour for the end of the year to help promote jet fighter rides in France and Europe. Specialised in extraordinary experiences and particularly jet fighter rides, Tematis has booked a few dates at airfields in France so that people can come and do the experience. Amongst the dates and locations:

Cuers in the South of France
Clermont Ferrand for a ride over the volcanoes
Niort and Rochefort in the South West

fouga magister

There are many other locations and dates – check out their website for additional information. Flights are done in the Fouga Magister. The Fouga Magister (company designation CM.170) is a 1950s French two-seat jet trainer. The related CM.175 Zéphyr was a carrier-capable version for the French Navy. Although it is sometimes lauded as the first purpose-built two-seat turbojet-powered trainer aircraft, similar claims are made for the Fokker S.14 Machtrainer whose first flight, production and service entry were all about a year earlier.[1] However, the Magister was much more successful than the Machtrainer, being produced in far greater numbers and being exported to many nations. Nearly 1,000 Magisters were constructed compared to the 21 Machtrainers. The development of the aircraft came to an end when the French Air Force selected the Alpha Jet as their new jet trainer.

After retirement, a number of Magisters have been bought by private owner pilots in the USA and are operated in the experimental category. And that is where Tematis comes from as they operate a number of aircrafts including one Fouga Magister that has been retired from the military to enable many people to live a unique experience: to fly a fighter jet.

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