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F-16 Fighting Falcon getting a revamp

F-16 Fighting Falcon getting a revamp

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is getting an upgrade. In order to sustain its missions, the F-16 Fighting Falcon is undergoing upgrades to render this incredible jet fighter an amazing killing machine. Contractors have detailed earlier this month what these upgrades would be.

Air Refueling Probe: this probe provides in-flight refueling from a drogue system. Options include a telescoping probe from a wing fuel tank.

Auxiliary Power Unit: this power unit replaces the jet fuel starter and ground electrical and hydraulics carts.

On-Board Inert Gas Generation System (OBIGGS) OBIGGS eliminates halon and nitrogen servicing requirements.

Multiaxis Thrust Vectoring This type of vectoring provides precise control and high nose-pointing rates at low air speeds

In-Flight Route Planning, pilots are provided with dynamic flight direction for best avoidance of threats.

Perspective Displays: these displays provide the pilot with a visual refresher that improves first-run attack success probability.

Embedded Training : this enhanced peacetime training uses realistic simulated threats and targets.

Auto Ground Collision Avoidance System: an integrated digital terrain system with digital flight control, this system enhances low-altitude safety.

Automatic Maneuvering Attack: this provides integrated fire and flight control for reduced pilot work load.

Microwave Landing System: this system provides curvilinear precision instrument approach capability.

Missile Warning System: this system provides warning of approaching missiles, including passive homing missiles, for proper timing of countermeasures.

All-Weather Standoff Weapons: weapons used include the AGM-84E Standoff Land-Attack Missile (SLAM) and the AGM-142 Popeye

That should put the F-16 Fighting Falcon on the top of the list!

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