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Britain to purchase the F-35

The United Kingdom will finally commit to purchase the ever so expensive F-35. After years of discussions and negotiations, it seems the deal will finally arrive to a close for a mere £1Bn and 14 jet fighters. The purchase is also guided by the fact that Britain is the largest supplier of the F-35, with BAE as main contractor. Britain’s decision to order the first batch of the aircraft comes as the F-35 was attacked last week by the Pentagon’s chief tester, who raised concerns in a report to Congress that the jet may not be ready in time for a US Marines’ deadline next year. The report noted the “unacceptable” performance of the fighter jet’s software and warned that testing could be delayed for more than a year. The F-35 is the US’s next generation jet fighter, meant to take on the capabilities of several jet fighters in one and be almost undetectable. “Bearing in mind some of the doubts and uncertainties that have surrounded the F-35 as a programme in past years, any substantive order by the UK is a major boost.” The cost to the UK taxpayer is still unknown because the MoD has not yet made a final decision about how many aircraft it will buy and the cost of each fighter depends on the date it is ordered. Initial pledges were for 138 aircrafts but as the UK budget crisis hit and the cost of each fighter grew, that number began to shrink.

f-35 jet fighter

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