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Fly fighter jet > Mirage III in Switzerland

Fly the Mirage fighter jet in Switzerland. This is the only Mirage in the world certified for civil flights. More than 4,200 working hours have been spent on renovating this incredible fighter plane. Each flight requires 8 hours of preparation. The Mirage III is a tremendously powerful fighter jet, capable of reaching the speed of Mach 2,15 and has very gracious lines. Flying the Mirage is no illusion, it is one of the best flying experiences one can enjoy.

The Mirage 3 fighter jet ride in Switzerland

The flight takes plane in Payerne, one hour from Geneva and 40mn from Bern.
You will be greeted by the person in charge of your flight and experience.
Security briefing in and around the airport, the hangers and near the planes
You are given security badges to circulate around
You will then meet your mechanics and you fighter pilot
Then you get suited up with G suit, oxygen mask… and learn to make it work.
Flight plan with your pilot: discuss with your pilot about what you would like to experience, from aerobatics to scenics… the pilot will fly according to your G tolerance and will try to make your flight the best experience you have ever had.
Get in the cockpit. The pilot will brief you on the instruments, ejection procedure, radio controls.
When all is ready, engines are turned on and you taxi to take off.
After the flight, you will have the opportunity to debrief with your pilot and take many pictures to immortalize your day.
You fighter jet ride lasts 30 to 40mn

Your fighter pilots

Pilots at Payerne have tremendous experience, especially on the Mirage. They are retired from the Swiss Airforce and have logged many hours on this fighter plane which was in service with the Swiss Air Force. Your pilots will do their best to make your day and share their passion and experience with you.


fly fighter jet mirage 3 switzerland

Your fighter jet: The Mirage 3

General characteristics

Crew: 2
Length: 15 m (49 ft 3.5 in)
Wingspan: 8.22 m (26 ft 11 in)
Height: 4.5 m (14 ft 9 in)
Wing area: 34.85 m² (375 ft²)
Empty weight: 7,050 kg (15,600 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 13,500 kg (29,700 lb)
Powerplant: 1× SNECMA Atar 09C turbojet


Maximum speed: Mach 2.2 (2,350 km/h, 1,460 mph)
Range: 2,400 km (1,300 NM, 1,500 mi)
Service ceiling: 17,000 m (56,000 ft)
Rate of climb: 83.3 m/s (16,400 ft/min)
Wing loading: 387 kg/m² (79 lb/ft²)

Conditions and restrictions:

You must not have known heart problems
You must not have neurological problems
You will be required to bring a medical certificate with you
The fighter jet ride takes place in favourable weather conditions.
There are very few dates available (from 30 August to 3rd September) so it is advisable to book in advance.

Price of the fighter jet experience

Price starts at 16,000 euros for 30 to 40mn. See our booking page for additional information on prices.

fly fighter jet mirage 3 switzerland

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