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Baumgartner breaks the speed of sound

Felix Baumgartner made history this 14th October 2012 by jumping from a capsule at 120,000 feet, or 39km of altitude and breaking the sound barrier freefalling. It was an incredible jump that we all got to see live on the internet and selected networks, and we cannot help but being impressed by such a performance. After about 2h in the capsule, gaining altitude in a balloon inflated with helium, Baumgartner started the procedure with ground control to finally open the capsule and make the few steps outside.

We all got to see the procedure executed thanks to 35 cameras, and the spectacle was incredible. Just to see the earth from this perspective was amazing, and one cannot start thinking about what Felix Baumgartner felt on the tiny steps of the capsule. It must have been surreal. And after an ascent of 2 hours, he finally jumped. And we all took our breath. Joe Kittinger, the previous man to jump very high, was doing the procedure with him and must have had a thought of remembrance.

Felix Baumgartner made history by breaking a few records: highest altitude reached by a man with a balloon, fastest speed in freefall, breaking the sound barrier at 1341,9 kmh, and highest altitude for a freefall jump. The jump was an outstanding performance, demonstrating that man can push the limits assumed to be at the max already. What made the event so special as well was that it was fully viewable on the internet, and we were about 7 million fans to follow Felix. Well done again.

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