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Airforces deployed in Libya

Here’s a look at some of the international military assets in or heading to the region to help enforce the U.N.-sanctioned no-fly zone over Libya:

United States:

– After barrage of attacks by sea-launched Tomahawk cruise missiles Saturday, an array of U.S. warplanes – including several Air force B-2 stealth bombers – followed in the pre-dawn hours Sunday with a coordinated assault using precision-guided bombs

-Navy EA-18G Growlers launched from unspecified land bases to provide electronic warfare support over Libya.

-Marine AV-8B Harriers from the USS Kearsarge sailing in the Mediterranean conducted strikes against Gadhafi’s ground forces and air defenses.


-Deployed eight Rafale and four Mirage jets to survey rebel-held Benghazi; one fired on a Libyan military vehicle in first military strike of operation.

-Six C-135 refueling tankers

-1 AWACS surveillance plane

-Deployed the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to the region from Toulon, accompanied by the anti-submarine frigate Dupleix, the Aconit frigate and a refueling ship, La Meuse.


-Tornado GR4 jets in air raid over Libya early Sunday; more Tornado and Typhoon fighter jets deployed to the Gioia del Colle airbase in southern Italy to give them easier access to targets in Libya.

-Tomahawk missiles fired from a Trafalgar Class submarine in the Mediterranean.

-Britain’s air base in southern Cyprus, RAF Akrotiri, is hosting VC-10, RAF E3D and Sentinel surveillance aircraft, which also provide re-fueling capability

-Two British frigates, HMS Westminster and HMS Cumberland, are in the Mediterranean off Libya’s coast.


-Sent six F-18s to Italy base; 140 military personnel involved.

-Frigate HMCS Charlottetown is in Mediterranean for possible staging ground for Canadian forces.


-Six F-16s arrived at U.S. air base in Sigonella, Sicily and could be deployed as early as Sunday; 132 support staff.


-Offered use of seven military bases: U.S. air bases at Sigonella, Sicily and Aviano in northern Italy; Italian air bases in Amendola near Foggia, Decimomannu in Sardinia, Gioia del Colle near Bari, base on Sicilian island of Pantelleria, and the military airport of Trapani, Sicily.

-Proposed NATO base in Naples serve as coordination point for operation.

-Placed eight aircraft, four Tornados and four fighter jets, under command of coalition forces.

-Aircraft carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi, with the eight aircraft aboard, has been conducting air and sea surveillance missions for several days.

-Destroyer Andrea Doria, which has anti-aircraft and anti-missile equipment, protecting Italian territory from Libyan retaliation.


-Sent four F-18s and a Boeing 707 refueling plane to Italy base.

-Deploying a submarine, naval frigate and a surveillance plane.

-Placed two bases at NATO’s disposal, Rota and Moron de la Frontera, where several U.S. Air Force planes were seen Friday.


-Offered six F-16s, with around 100 support staff, but operational capabilities five-six days off.

-Considering contributing an Orion maritime surveillance plane.


-8 Belgian F-16s and 200 air force personnel are now at the Greek air base of Araxos west of Athens, the Belga news agency reported. They will be ready to start flying missions on Monday.

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