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A view to kill – the new Typhoon helmet

A view to kill ! This is not an expression anymore thanks to BAE Systems. The british company has just unveiled its new helmet for the Eurofighter Typhoon, which is a marvel of technology, enabling the pilot – with the eyesight/view only – to lock on target, prioritize, and fire. This incredible feature offers instant access to strategic information to the pilot who can decide in a split second what to do. Amazingly the pilot can also lock on targets over the shoulder and even not in view but detected on radar.

fighter pilot helmet

Thanks to sensors on the helmet, the computer follows the complete environment of the fighter pilot. The “look and shoot” feature also enables the pilot to see through weather conditions as well as the identified aircraft. The pilot then receives the information on the visor, with altitude, speed, heading and others in order for him to prioritise the targets to shoot.

Mark Bowman, Chief Test Pilot for BAE Systems, said: “This is a major advance in terms of combat capability and is something that gives Typhoon pilots a significant advantage when it comes to air combat. There is no doubt in my mind that the Eurofighter Typhoon leads the world in terms of this kind of capability – and this is something that all who have worked on the system can feel extremely proud of. It is a major advance in aviation capability.”

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