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58 years after, the Spitfire flies again

58 years after, the Spitfire flies again. It’s a story as only the Brits can offer. It’s a story of hard word, passion, vision, and the extraordinary will of a few to make it happen. And it has. Some 58 years after it last flew, Spitfire TE311 will be back in the air for the start of the RAF Battle of Britian Memorial Flight (BBMF) display season, after a painstaking re-build to flying condition which started in October 2001. The aircraft will be displayed across the UK in various events. One of the key themes for the Flight this year is the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters raids. Flying Lancaster Bombers, a Squadron of young crews carried out one of the most audacious bombing raids of the Second World War, destroying hydro-electric dams powering the armaments factories of the Ruhr Valley. That will be special. Duncan Mason said “We will be proud to display Spitfire alongside the BBMF’s Lancaster as a flying memorial to the bravery of our RAF forefathers; their legacy of precision and tenacity shows today in our team who achieved the goal of getting TE311 back into the air. She is just brilliant to fly, and I can’t wait to display her at some of the events we have planned for this special season – people are very keen to see her in flight after they have followed the rebuild so closely.” The aircraft has been a static display for over 30 years until some passionate folks decided it would be great to make it fly again. Well done then. We are all looking forward to admiring the Spitfire in the air. Interested in flying in a helicopter alongside a Spitfire and have your own private display, in the air ? The follow the link: Fly with a Spitfire.


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