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Welcome to fly fighter

Welcome to our website. is designed to be your guide to find your perfect match: your fighter jet ride. This website is published by Tematis, the French leisure specialist, who also happens to be operators of 3 fighter jets in France. You can see the company owner in one of the planes in Paris, smiling at the thought of flying.

fly fighter jet

Flying in a jet fighter is a truly unique experience that one can not forget. It stays with you for the rest of your life, with a strong sense of achievement. Flying in a fighter jet is no ordinary experience and there are precautions to be taken before, but once in the air, it is simply magic. There are many companies and individuals maintaining jet fighters around the world, and our mission with this website is to identify all of them and present what they have to offer.

If you know of some or are an operator yourself, please contact us so we can add you in our database. We will gradually build our website, some come have a look regularly for added fighter jet rides. This site is also a great room to express ourselves. So we will enjoy presenting aircrafts that we like and our general thoughts on current news.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our site.

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