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Solar Impulse completes 1st international flight

After taking off Friday morning from the military airfield of Payerne (Switzerland), Solar Impulse landed safely at 9:39 p.m. at the international airport of Brussels (Belgium). The flight, which lasted exactly twelve hours and fifty-nine minutes, obviously did not need a drop of kerosene and it is a feat that should be discussed.

solar impulse

The crowd of supporters, journalists and onlookers converged on the capital of Belgium to congratulate Bertrand Piccard, designer of Solar Impulse. At his arrival in Brussels he was also greeted by Prince Philip, heir to the throne of Belgium, a great lover of aviation and pilot himself. The spokesman for Brussels Airport Jan Van der Cruysse for his part insisted on the symbolic dimension of this journey, Brussels being the capital of Europe, while the pilot André Borschberg, which flew at an average speed of sixty km / h, has confessed to having won more energy than it spent during the entire duration of the first international flight.

May 13, 2011 will be remembered in the history of aviation, although Mr. Piccard set the record straight by declaring that his plan to fly an aircraft without fuel is not supposed to result in commercial applications in aviation. “If it’s crazy to say that it is possible, it would be silly to say it’s impossible,” he still temperate. The saga of the solar airplane does clearly just begin. The dream is more accessible than ever since the success on Friday.

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